Your Doula, Agnès Leonetti

Family support


Information and support for parents in making choices about the right place of birth, medical protocols here in Switzerland, the physiology of birth, the role of the father/partner, etc. Support in developing your birth project. Relaxation prenatal massages during pregnancy including in case of a breech baby; preparation for pain management. Postnatal massage to support healing and ressourcing after birth. Psycho-emotional preparation and support for childbirth in case of trauma, anxiety or depression, and psycho-emotional preparation, psycho emotionnal support for the post-partum period and breastfeeding.


Presence and psycho-emotional support from the beginning of labour and throughout the birth process. To reassure, encourage, and help you to preserve your intimacy, as a couple or as a single mother. I come to your home and accompany you when it is time to leave. I always work in collaboration with your midwife, whether at home, at the birth centre, at the maternity hospital or at the clinic. I offer an on-call service two weeks before and after your due date.


Placenta print. Placenta transport for any desired placental transformation. Support during the golden month for optimal recovery. Support with breastfeeding, baby care, communication within the couple. Physical recovery with massage, energy healing/care, Rebozo tightening. Psycho-emotional support for your practical questions, debriefing regarding your birth experience. Help with organisation at home with baby and more.

Rebozo Tightening

To take care of you during the golden month. Tightening of the whole body and especially the pelvis with traditional Mexican Rebozo fabrics. I take care of you through a benevolent force. A real gift. Can be combined with a massage. A fellow Doula can join me to cocoon you even better.

Child care

I can look after your children when you go to the maternity hospital for delivery if you have no family around. I can take care of your new-born baby to give you a break during the post-partum period or help you to find a childcare solution when you return to work. I can also take older children to the nursery or keep them at home in case of illness or other complicated periods.

Lending and renting

I can lend you a wide range of relevant, funny and informative books and DVDs to help you prepare for the arrival of your baby, on subjects including breastfeeding, pregnancy, the newborn and the role of the father. I also rent out equipment such as a birthing pool, supplemental nursing systems and yoga balls.

Important Note

A Doula does not perform diagnoses or medical procedures. A Doula never replaces a midwife or a doctor. She has no medical function, which allows her to focus fully on the needs of the woman and the couple. I am a certified Doula and affiliated to the association.

Individual coaching

Therapeutic Massage

Sessions of bodywork to explore and reduce discomfort or persistent symptoms by finding their origin. During a foot analysis or a discussion, we choose together the focus of the session. We will then discover your patterns and how they translate into your body. I give you the tools to learn to release control, to relax and to breathe better.

Intuitive Massage

Massage session with the qualities of the elements air, fire, water and earth. I use these elements intuitively through touch, to find the qualities of these elements in your body and your life. When each element circulates freely in the body, a balance is felt. You find calmness, or on the contrary energy, strength, courage and confidence.

Emotional Alchemy

A coaching session based on the principles of Inner Ecology. I encourage you to dare to go with your emotions, to welcome them and allow them to transform themselves in order to heal old wounds rooted in your cells. Let the magic happen…

Energy Healing/Care

Reiki session, in person or remotely. I am the channel that will allow the universal energy to go and do its work of rebalancing and healing, in complete safety through your Chakras. In case of burns or bleeding, I can work at a distance.

Foot analysis

Our feet carry us throughout our life, every day. They reveal our wounds, our qualities and our strengths. A life assessment permits you to move forward through a better understanding of yourself. A therapeutic or intuitive massage follows the foot analysis to make the realisation concrete in the body or to digest the information.

Tao Game facilitation

The Tao Game takes you and your friends on a quest of life. The game is powerful, tailored to your needs and takes you one small step closer to realising your quest. Players help each other in a caring and honest way. For long winter evenings, or by the lake in the summer, a game that is simply fascinating.


Agnès Leonetti

As a mother of three grown-up children, I have been interested in all aspects or parenting for a very long time.

I have been living in Biel since 2004 and I speak and work in three languages: French, English and Portuguese. I was born in 1972 in a French-Portuguese family and grew up in France. I lived in Scotland for eleven years in my early adulthood.

I trained initially in childcare, then as a tour guide, and finally in 2007 as a therapist. I now specialise in pregnancy, childbirth and postnatal support as a Doula.

I am interested in all transitional issues in our society and, above all, in the inner transition.

For me, gentle parenting represents the beginning of a societal change, just like birth. This is why I am very involved in the association Graines de Vie. I organise and run get togethers for parents on topics including breastfeeding, mothering, perinatal bereavement and birth projects.

I can share with you many tools acquired through many years of experience as a mother, as a woman and through my professional activities.

I offer you teaching, guidance in your life experience, individually, but also in the intense experience of becoming a parent, with strength, gentleness, patience,and kindness.

I touch you, guide you and teach you with my hands, emotions, energy, words, and my personality to respectfully accompany you on your path. I support you in acquiring and maintaining healthy confidence in yourself and in life, in order to welcome children into a better world!


My fees are adaptable to your budget and your needs. The list of services and prices below is not exhaustive. Do not hesitate to contact me with your requests.


CHF 21.- to CHF 35.- per hour depending on your salary and the number of children, minimum 2 hours

Rebozo Tightening

CHF 40.-/20mn

Tao Game facilitation

CHF 60 to CHF 80 per player, 2 to 4 hours of play

Doula package, partial accompaniment

From CHF 350.- to CHF 750.-

Doula package complete accompaniment

From CHF 1400.-

Energy healing/care session

CHF 80.- to CHF 120.- 1 to 1.5 hours

Intuitive/therapeutic massage, relaxation, emotional alchemy, foot analysis

First session with Foot analysis CHF 150.- (approx. 2 hours) ; follow-up sessions or simple relaxation sessions (approx. 1.25 hours): CHF 100.- ; 20-minute sitting massage-only session CHF 40.-

Let's get to know each other, do get in touch if you have any questions!


Agnès Leonetti
Forces de Vies c/o Luna- Graines de Vie
Quai du Bas 23
2502 Bienne

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